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Media Contact Info

Ann Turner, PhD, LCSW-C, CST, CEAP, Certified Sex Therapist

Psychotherapist / Sex Therapist / Speaker 



Phone:  301-922-2345


Headshots: download link

Professional Bio

Ann Turner, PhD, LCSW-C, CST, CEAP

Ann has over 30 years of experience counseling teens, adults, couples, and families in a variety of areas including anxiety, depression, sex, substance abuse, parenting, and communication.  She has had a private practice for over 20 years and has worked as an on-site employee counselor at Discovery Channel and Johns Hopkins Sibley Hospital among other DC area employers (e.g. GEICO Insurance, Suburban Hospital, and Holy Cross Hospital).  In addition to her private practice experience, she worked as an Account Manager at United Healthcare and KEPRO overseeing employee assistance counseling services for various companies and industries across the country and internationally (e.g. BP, Pfizer, DC law firms, and over 250 federal agencies).  During the pandemic, Ann expanded her expertise to include sex therapy and completed the year-long University of Michigan Sex Therapy Certificate course.


Ann is a parent of two young adult daughters.  She volunteers by mentoring a cohort of George Washington University Medical School students about the importance of effective doctor-patient communication and self-care and stress management to avoid burnout.  She recharges by doing Zumba, biking, kayaking, walking, cooking, and baking sweets.  She loves dogs and misses her sweet rescue dog named Dudley.

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Podcast Guest

Want to book Dr. Ann Turner as a guest on your podcast? 

"Making Happiness a Habit" - on Divorce Dish with Robin Goelman

"The Many Faces of Anger" - on MyNDTALK with Dr. Pamela Brewer

Excerpts from Radical Reinvention 


"For more than twenty years, [Dr. Turner's] mission has been to help people develop their own personal resilience toolkits, so they have the skills to cope with life’s stressors—and reinvent anytime, like she has. Her radical reinvention was divorce, becoming a single mother, and remarrying."

“I had to let go of my old life—my address, my neighbors, two kids in elementary school. It was realizing that I can change myself and that I don’t need to focus on, nor should I try to change, my ex. What happens with divorce is you get in a mindset of demonizing your spouse as opposed to saying, who cares what he or she is? I have me and I have to move forward. And I have children". 


Dr. Turner has been divorced for eight years (separated for six years before that). Although divorce was devastating for her and her family, she used her knowledge about human behavior, resilience, happiness, and habit formation to get through this difficult time”. 

“My happiness formula includes help, appreciation, passion, people, independence, nature, exercise, sleep, sex.

  • HELP: Enlist in therapy, professional support.

  • APPRECIATION: Express gratitude.

  • PASSION: Find your passion/career/volunteer.

  • PEOPLE: Spend the “right” amount of time with people who aren’t toxic.

  • INDEPENDENCE: Gain financial and mental independence for yourself.

  • NATURE: Get out in nature.

  • EXERCISE: Get moving.

  • SLEEP: Optimize your wake/sleep cycles. 

  • SEX: Get physical needs met."

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