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Assessment Session

I require all clients to have an assessment session as their first session. In the 60-minute session, we will identify your goals, your counseling preferences (e.g. guidance, a listening ear, assistance dealing with a particular challenge), and where you would like to focus in our initial sessions. I will also explain my counseling approach to make sure we are a good fit for each other. Read more about my expertise and approach here

60 min - $360


Individual Sessions

We will discuss past and present issues depending on your preference and the counselor’s discretion. I approach counseling from a Strengths-Based model, so I will look at what works well for you and try to build on those skills while identifying what is not serving you and try to eliminate those things. Each individual session will grow on previous sessions to generate deeper breakthroughs, establish patterns, and expand your toolbox of skills. 

45 min - $260 / 60 min - $360 


Couples & Family Sessions

In couples and family sessions, I will take time to learn about each individual person and your relationship (e.g. as a couple or as a family unit). Together, we will identify underlying issues and connect themes to pinpoint the root of the problem at hand. Then, we will develop new skills to improve your relationship or family unit. 

45 min - $260 / 60 min - $360

Prices are subject to a $10 increase each year.

Frequently asked questions

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